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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Figuring it out

This morning I was reading Roni's blog. She wrote something I can relate to:

"Since I sold the conference, blogging as a career is pretty much out for me and frankly I want it to be. I’m tired of the hustle. Finding sponsors is exhausting, running ads is annoying (and frankly pretty fruitless) and I’m over the constant pressure of  getting more readers — actually I’ve been over that for some time.  I, honestly, hate the “business of blogging,” always have. I just want to do what I do and share what I can without all the pressure of it having an income tied to it.
Now that I confessed that, I’m left with what?
Okay, that’s pretty dramatic. I have lots! I just feel lost. This motivated, energetic, goal-orientated mama is without a plan or direction and it’s really throwing me for a loop.
I’ll figure it out. I always do."
I have had these thoughts too! I am teaching yoga and working out and trying to walk more and drinking less. I have a strong possibility of an offer to teach yoga for money, but I am not sure I should make that commitment. And then what am I left with? Nothing.

I go to the weight loss support group and those folks help keep me going, but frankly I wonder why I bother sometimes. I have lost a pound or two or three and the following week, I've gained it right back.

I've made changes, one at a time, to try to figure out what might make the biggest difference in my weight. Strength training has not made the pounds drop off. Neither has walking more. The only changes noticed in drinking is that if I do not drink beer, I don't have a beer belly. The weight just stays stuck.

Roni says she will figure it out. I say that too. In the back of my mind though, there is a little voice that says, "but what if you don't this time?"

All I CAN do is something Roni introduced me to, a while back. "wycwyc". "What you can, when you can" and for now, that is enough.

In a brighter vein of thought, Dexter is still here. He is the most awesome pup! He is going for walks with me. He knows how to sit, wait, lay down, and is learning to "crawl" on his belly. He is so stinking cute!!! I am smitten.

Please have a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy and indulge a bit, exercise a bit, take some time for yourself. Do a kindness towards a stranger. And as always, walk-on!

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