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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let's Go Diamond Hunting

It's come to my attention that some people do not know what the heck I am talking about, regarding Abby losing her diamonds. I worry that I have told the story so many times that folks will be bored, hearing about it again! Just in case though, here is the story again:

We have a state park in Arkansas that you can go to and hunt for real diamonds. There have been some huge ones found as well as lots of smaller ones. I like to use the analogy of going to that state park for a vacation. You go out every day and hunt for diamonds. Each little gem you find, you put into your bucket. You hope for those big diamonds too. On the last day of vacation you go out and don't find any diamonds at all. In anger, you toss the ones you had gotten before. You are so disgusted that you couldn't get that last big find on your last day of vacation. To heck with it all!!!

Now that is just silly, right? Wouldn't you keep all the diamonds you found?  Of course you would and you'd be happy you had found them and might make money from the sale of those small sparklers.

Yet how often do we start losing weight and when we hit a bump in the road, we say we should just quit. Nothing will work. Why keep trying? It doesn't matter. Oh forget it!  

We need to give ourselves credit for every pound lost, big or small, in a week or a month or a year. 
We need to give ourselves credit for every healthier choice we make. 
We need to give ourselves credit for every time we say "No, I won't quit." 
We need to give ourselves credit for every step we take to add any type of exercise into our lives. Often we forget those little earlier diamonds of success. We forget the diamonds we already found. We do not give ourselves credit for the small things.

This is why Abby has to find her diamonds. She's lost a few and is flailing around, losing a few more. She has to remember that she has LOST weight. She has to remember that she  hasn't smoked in over a year. She has to remember that she is still hanging in there and trying to find her diamonds again. 

I think she will find them. Heck, the sun has been out recently, so they are out there, sparkling away and waiting to be plucked up again.

Don't toss your little diamonds just because you didn't find the big one today. Hang on to the ones you have,  big and little. You are worth as much, and more, than diamonds.

I think Abby will find her diamonds that she misplaced. They are not lost, just misplaced. Why not come along and find some diamonds of your own!

Walk-on dear readers, walk on


Crabby McSlacker said...

Great analogy!

(Growing up, we used to go camping in a river in gold country; we'd pan for gold. Not many nuggets left but the flakes added up!)

Hope Abby realizes how rich she can be by just doing what she can!

Sherri D said...

Thanks for stopping by Crabby! Hope you are enjoying your travels!