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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Day Seven - The Happy Thanks-I-Can-MOVE-Giving Challenge

Exercise: Nice walk and then leaf raking.
I am grateful that my husband did the lion's share of the yard work today. We have nine mature oak trees and the leaves were thick! He was out there for HOURS!!! I am also grateful that my son did his science fair experiment today. Finally, I am grateful for the fantastic weather (well the wind was a bit much for leaf work!!!) and the leftover turkey hash we are having for supper made for an easy cooking day for me and it will be yummy!

From a week ago, I went out to the trail and they put rocks across the opening to the street to keep vehicles out. I wondered if they moved the two downed trees too.
They HAD!!! We walked all the way to the other end with no more trees blocking the path. At the other end they also put rocks up to keep vehicles out. It was wonderful to have the trail back!
Even Ziva approved.
She liked the rocks and even got up onto one of them.
Such a proud puppy!
To fulfill the Happy Thanks-I-Can-Move-Giving Challenge we need to donate stuff for a good cause. I have four full bags of clothing and household items that I no longer need. We will deliver them tomorrow morning!

It's been a fun challenge. I would do one like this again! ‪#‎TGChallenge‬
I hope you are all Walking-On and keeping your belts from having to be let out a few notches!

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Susan Calderon said...

Good to see you out walking again and posting! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving I did too. We also worked in our yard raking on Saturday for a while. I must say if I didn't lift weights regularly I couldn't have done it for a hour straight none stop. The bad news is the tree is still dropping leaves oh well it looks better than it did:)