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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Back from the Doctor

Lately I've been struggling with extreme fatigue. I finally allowed myself to spend the $20 co-pay to go see the doctor about it. I expected blood-work to be done and then be told it is all in my head. That is not what happened.

He said it was most likely a side effect of the meds I am on! He also said that some of the more recent weight gain could be a result of these meds too. Our plan of attack is to wean me off these and to try something else in a few weeks. He even offered me diet pills to jump start my weight loss. I declined them.

I really hope this works because I have become a major slug. I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings and can't wait to get to sleep at night. Then I sit around all day and watch old black and white TV shows. I don't want to go shopping or play in my studio. This is not me!

A FEW DAYS LATER: The meds must be about all out of my system. I was crying today at the sites of familiar views from the San Francisco area. I was watching some crime drama tv show. I get SO HOMESICK sometimes! I called in as doc said to and arranged for the new script to be filled. I do not want to get back to that sad weepy puddle again! I'll keep you posted on the results.

Someone asked me about sharing the meds I've tried. I tend to not do that because everyone reacts differently to different medicines. This will be the fourth one I will be trying. I actually took this over 17 years ago when going through a nasty divorce. I don't recall anything negative or positive about it. I like trying the older medicines that have long track records though.

I came across this the other day and found it kinda fun:
I am still leading the yoga class on Monday and Friday. For now I plan to keep on doing that. Other than that, life is pretty quiet with a busy autumn looming. I am looking forward to that!

Hope you are all doing well out there! Walk-On!

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