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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Gym Games

I did it. I signed up and did my first visit to the gym. Thank goodness it is cheap because if I had to pay full price for what I experienced, I would have been very unhappy! I've been through this before though. I don't know why I thought maybe this would be different.

Here's how it went this time:
I went in and said "I'd like to join and take advantage of their current special."
I was asked which level membership I wanted and I said the $10 one.
"Why don't you want the $20 membership? You don't want free tanning?"
(what? am I a pasty ghostly looking person...you think I need a tan?)
I say "No thank you."
I am shown the computer and told to type in my information, and I do.
I actually READ the agreements and am asked three times if I needed help at that point. They couldn't believe I was really reading the fine print!
I give them eleven cents (ten cents plus a damn penny tax), and make an appointment for the next morning to come in for my assessment and workout.

Next Day:
I come in and am weighed and have to fill out health forms. I am again urged to consider the $20 membership. I said no thanks again.
Now we get to the workout. I am not expecting much and I got even less than that.
The "workout" consisted on me riding a spin bike for 5-10 minutes to get my heart rate up. This trainer type person uses the exercise theory of maximum heart rate workouts. He wanted me to get my heart rate up around 130. I kept pushing up the resistance and couldn't get my heart rate to go over 92. The trainer must have been running out of time and said it didn't matter. He wanted to get on with the rest of the workout.
The rest of the workout consisted of some squats using an exercise ball, some arm lifts using free weights, and some push ups. Huh? No one shows you how to use the machines? Nope. I asked what was I supposed to do if I didn't understand how a machine worked? I was told they all have instructions printed on signs by each machine...oh, but you CAN have a trainer for $50 per one hour session. Or for a better 'deal' you can buy a package of sessions for as low as $45 per session. Sorry, I can't afford that.

I expect a gym to try to up-sell. I also expected a full tour of the facility. I don't know where the locker room is yet. I asked about the plugs on the exercise machines. Were they for earphones so you could hear the TV's? The answer was, "I don't think those are hooked up yet." What??? I was also given no information about additional classes. Part of the $20 membership includes free classes. If they want to up-sell, shouldn't they tout all these terrific classes they have?

I was disappointed about the lack of affordable trainers as well as the lack of direction from the gym staff. I must say, this isn't typical. I've joined other gyms over the years and this was the first one that didn't even show you how to use the machines!

So I will be on my own. I plan to give it a good try. I am going to figure out a routine that works for me and fine tune it as I go along. If, after eight weeks, I feel it isn't working for me, I plan to go another route. I WILL get strength training exercise worked into my exercise regimes though, one way or another. I am stubborn that way.

Tomorrow...gorgeous weather forecast and Ziva says we WILL go for a walk!

Till next time,
Walk-On dear readers!

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