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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh no, she's going batty!

MY time of year is around the corner! I feel so jazzed! We have had a week of a fall weather teaser. The humidity is low, the temps are lower than the air conditioner setting and gasp...I have been able to open the windows! OH what joy and rapture that is!

I love fall. October is my birth month. The air is crisper. The kid is back in school. I am free to do things on my time line. I am pumped.

I am also a little batty. I changed my tracker at the beginning of my blog page to show some bats. I'd like to see if I can loose 25 pounds. I am not sure I can, but I am ready to make some changes to see what might happen. This is not an unreasonable goal. I just don't know for sure if I will do it. Stay tuned to find out!

The good news, to me anyway, is that I have the food part of the equation down. I have not been calorie counting for several months. My weight is staying pretty much the same. I have really slacked off on my exercise though. That is about to change. (insert eerie mysterious music here)

Speaking of changes, here is a shot of part of the trail I like going on, near my house:

Yesterday I took a different route home. It goes right by this area of my trail. 
I was shocked to see what happened to my beautiful trail when looking the other way:
It had been scalped!!! It used to be just as pretty as the first photo. The actual old trail bed is there in the center. On the left is Locust Street. There used to be trees and landscaping filling in the left side ditch. On the right side were trees with a pretty stream flowing through it. Now it is just ugly!

I am not sure if this means they will be paving this section or not. I know there was a lot of tree damage from the storms we had last winter, but I didn't think it warranted taking out all those trees! It hurts to think of the birds and other animals that were un-homed because this happened now...after many nests would have been established. And the pretty stream with the rock slab sides...it used to be so natural and serene looking!
Sigh....sometimes progress seems like such a bad thing.

I hope to be posting more again, as my life changes into fall/winter mode. Until next time, walk-on!!!

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