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Thursday, May 16, 2013

My New Bestest Breakfast

We recently switched from *skim milk to 2% milk, and now to **almond milk in our house. I have been using Silk's 30 calorie unsweetened almond milk:

I was surprised that my usually fussy 12 year old son, liked the almond milk on his cereal in the morning. I tried it in my coffee and did not like it. I've tried it in Kraft Mac n Cheese and both the son and fussier husband said it was just fine! I've used it in mashed potatoes too, with positive results. Today I made oatmeal with it. I like steel cut oats and usually make eight batches at a time in my crock pot, using water.

So today I made a single serving on the stove top, using almond milk instead of water. I didn't want to waste a bunch of steel cut oats in the crock pot in case I didn't like the taste. OMG!!! I did not need to worry about that! The cooked oats in almond milk not only tasted good, it tasted decadent!

I always have a sliced banana, 2% Greek yogurt, and cinnamon in the bowl too. The results of this experiment were beyond wonderful! It tasted rich, fatty, and nutty. It was a little chewy (in a good way) so it was quite palate pleasing as well as textured.

I plan to make a crock-pot-batch using the almond milk. I will then divide it up into containers and freeze it for my version of instant oatmeal. (Quick note here, be careful as this has the potential to bubble up and boil over just like milk will....ask me how I know!)

FYI this is a big breakfast that really carries you through the morning, without needing a snack. It has about 460 calories using 2% Greek yogurt. If you use fat free Greek yogurt, SUBTRACT about 40 calories.
Subtract 170 calories of the 2% Greek yogurt and using skim milk instead, you'll add 80 calories.
Subtract 170 calories of the 2% Greek yogurt and use 2% milk, and add 160 calories.
You don't even have to add more milk as you are already using the almond milk.
(all yogurts and milk are figured as 8 ounce servings)

Because of the banana and steel cut oats, it digests slower and keeps the thungeries away longer. I hope you'll give it a try!
NOTE: My math was wrong and as of Saturday morning, May 18th, I edited this post with the correct figures)

Bike riding is going well, walking is not...mostly due to higher temperatures outside, busy schedules, and today, rain. My spirits are really good! I still have a back injury that is slowing me down in Yoga...a pulled muscle I think. But I am eating clean and the scale has been kind to me for a week now.

That's it for today! Walk-On dear readers...with wheels if you want. 
*I've read a lot of disturbing things about how skim milk is made. I think it is over-processed. Allegedly powdered milk is added to make skim milk less chalky and to give it a whiter color, among other reasons. If I understand it right, the FDA does not require the addition of powdered milk to be labeled as an ingredient
**I love that almond milk has a longer shelf life in the fridge, compared to milk. I can buy several cartons at a time, especially when it is on sale.

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