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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kranky Post

It is a busy time of year here. Soon school will be out though, and we will change the way we do things. Of note, my 12 year old and I will be free to ride bikes or go to the local swimming pool. I must say, I am looking forward to both.

We are also gearing up for a performance soon. We actually combined riding bikes and practicing music for the show. On Monday we rode a little over four miles to a little park where we sat around a picnic table and played some of our tunes for the birds and squirrels. Much to our surprise, when we finished the last song, we heard clapping behind us! This was so fun that we plan to do it again this summer.

In other areas of life, it is just going along pretty slow and quiet. I don't have any earth shattering things to talk about. I am up and down on the scale. I am currently not smoking. I think about how ugly my legs and belly look with all the loose skin and fat hanging. I will be making mad dashes from the pool side to the water so most people won't see my whole body and all its wrinkles. blah!

Oh, I just saw that ABC's Extreme Weight Loss show is starting back up tonight. I wonder if it will be as lame as the last 17 episodes were? I can hardly believe they have had that many shows! Do people watch it and other shows like Biggest Loser for inspiration? Or to find out answers as to how to lose weight? Or to make fun of fat people? Or to find that losing weight can be done if you can get on a TV show? (I admit it, I am a cynic).

When the 'in between times' of the television seasons start, the really sucky shows come out for a while. Time for me to get caught up on all those hundreds of hours of recorded programing on the DVR. Wanna watch Christmas with the Krunks or was it Kranks?

(searching...searching...searching....) KRANKS....ya, it was Christmas with the Kranks. I'll bring the popcorn! And if you think I am going to watch that show tonight, you can have all the popcorn I am not going to make, too. (sticking my tongue out)

Walk-On dear readers!


Crabby McSlacker said...

That is so great that you're still not smoking!!!! And that you've added biking and are going swimming etc.

Sounds like lots to be proud of!

Also so cool the way your family makes beautiful music together. :)

Cindy said...

Unless you are going to the local teenager hang-out pool you can pretty safely expect that everybody there is so worried that somebody will notice their bald spot, wrinkles or poochy stomach that they will never notice how anybody else looks including you.
On the topic of Biggest Loser. I just can't watch. What little I have seen of the program has me saying "Somebody is going to get hurt"!

Sherri D said...

Thanks Crabby and Cindy, for stopping by. I know in my head that other people won't see my saggy body the way I do. I also know I shouldn't really give a rat's behind what anyone else thinks too! lol

I appreciate the support though....does it come in a girdle style? hehehehehe