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Monday, April 29, 2013

I don't feel a 'little bit nutty'...I feel I am full blown walnuts!

I wish I knew what weight is right for me. I've never been there. I might be there now. I might not be there now. It is not easy to figure out.
I was reading a guest post on Crabby's blog last week. Shadowduck had a wonderful posting titled: The Long Slow Climb. It was a very good posting. I left a comment, as did many others, and my blog posting today is pulled from my comment.
"I am still here in plateau-land and have pretty much been living here for a year now. Recently I even gained a few pounds. How depressing. I've been trying to keep a stiff upper lip about it all, but it isn't easy. 
I like the analogy of the "Me" from two years ago talking to the "Me" now...or seeing the "Me" now and admiring how far I've come! So what if it is only 99 pounds right now and at one time was 105 pounds lost? This is still a great achievement! I will keep telling myself this. I can't give up now and go back to what I was! I just can't!
I am trying to be proud of what I have achieved, and that is why I have not given up. Truth be told, that 100 pounds was not that hard to take off. I was stubborn and stuck with it and had all my ducks in a row to achieve that huge milestone. I know that and I am trying hard to keep that in my brain. I have always been such a failure at this weight stuff! I don't want to be a failure this time as this is the biggest achievement I have EVER done on my own with no gimmicks.
Having had so much steady success for the 15 months it took to lose that 100 pounds, it has been a real test of perseverance to not let 'it' get to me that I have not lost anything since then. 
This last bit of weight has been just stuck for over a year now. I am not trying to be ultra thin/skinny either. The old charts say I should be around 140-150 and I am just hoping to get to 179. Today I have 13 pounds to lose to get there. This is all new territory for me too. I am not sure if I should just be happy at this weight or if I should be worried sick that I am starting to gain it all back or if I am just crazy like the rest of the world and it will be what it will be. :D
Thank you for your comments. (and for 'listening' to my story here) Perhaps I will find the way to kick start my progress again, and that will be great. If not, I think the powers that be are just teaching me to love this version of me, as I AM so much better than I was two years ago!"
 "I am not just a little bit nutty, 
I am full blown walnuts!"
Walk-on dear readers, walk-on...


Crabby McSlacker said...

Love this!

And you have SO much to be proud of. Maintaining such a large weight loss... even regaining a small amount as you do other awesome things like quit smoking but staying mindful of your new health eating and exercise habits... that sounds to me like an amazing thing to do. Most people can't do that.

And who knows, as mysteriously as progress stopped, it may start again, but I think your notion of loving where you're at now is an excellent one!

Shadowduck said...

I'm standing over here with You From Two Years Ago, cheering you on! #8-D

Sherri D said...

Thank you Crabby and Shadowduck....Isn't it odd how it is hard to take credit for 100 pounds gone just because I haven't lost the last ten or so?

Yes...to the 'two years ago me' thanks for putting this into perspective...I lost a bunch of weight and have kept it off for over a year now.


But you know what? It isn't as big a deal as I thought it would be...to have lost this week. I am glad but not over-the-moon thrilled. And I see this as a good thing!