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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Move along, move along, nothing to see here!

I promised to not disappear when things were not going as well as I would like them to be going. So...things are not going as well as I would like them to be going. I am up in weight again. (sigh-oh-poor-me)
I could blame it on the weather.
Maybe it is the time of year.
Maybe I have gotten lazy.
Perhaps I am deluding myself in regards to how little I can exercise and how much I can eat.
Just because some studies suggest full fat is better than zero fat, doesn't mean it is better for me.
Insert any lame excuse here _________!

I am going through a very rough time. It is partly my nature. I am a worrier. I have anxiety issues. I suffer with bouts of depression. Often I turn to cigarettes when these things peak in intensity. I have tried medications but part of me loathes the thought of being on some type of antidepressant year, after year.

I know I will work things out. I know I have been saying this for several months now. It is amazing how time flies...it has been almost half a year that this all started piling up. I think it is because I first had to go through the process of accepting that I was not going to get to be 150 pounds. I had to accept that I was going to be in the 180's unless I was willing to do more. I am now trying to balance out what I am willing to do more of, with what weight I can be satisfied with.

I struggle with posting as I really want to stay positive! I have not given up. I won't. I want to learn to like the weight I am at, MORE than giving up and gaining all the weight back that I lost.

I know many others who are at or nearly at their weight maintenance levels struggle with these issues too. I am not alone. None of us are. We can all reach out if we want to...if we allow ourselves to. It is not a sign of weakness. Why would it be?

Ok, today is supposed to be a pretty nice spring day. Things are going well in most other areas of my life. I think I will go for a walk. I always feel better when I do!

Walk-On everyone, be happy, never give up!


Cynthia said...

Oh Sherri - so sorry to hear you are having a rough time. It's so frustrating. I know what you mean about coming to terms with where you are. Sometimes when you can't change what's happening, you have to change how you feel about what's happening. I, too, have had to come to the realization that getting and staying below a certain weight would likely involve unhealthy behavior. I am simply not willing to eat 800 calories a day in order to get to a certain point. Another thing I have had to accept is that, after being stuck for months at a certain weight, the level of exercise and calorie intake I am currently doing will be what is required just to stay here. Of course, I have always known intellectually that I could never return to eating the way I did before, but letting that really emotionally sink in has been difficult to accept. I have really put a lot of effort into focusing on making certain behaviors my goal instead of reaching a certain weight and that has helped, too. But I know I am not telling you anything new. Sometimes the truth is simply disappointing and it takes time to get past that disappointment. Please know that your posts DO help other people. I hope you can continue because your contribution is so valuable. And I know you are not a giver-upper. Maybe that's the best thing about getting to the age we are...you get more stubborn! Hang in there, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hello there...it was nice chating with you this morning and like I said you never know when a good comment is welcome and will encourage a body to stick with good behaviors. You and Robert did that to me Saturday because I was ready to eat cake for a snack, and not just a piece but the whole cake!!! I think you and I have the same 30 lbs in common, but perhaps with a few changes we can still see a few more lost pounds...and please, please don't give in to the cancer stick urges...my husband is having serious health issues, with a lung biopsy in the next few weeks and is now on oxygen 24/7, so please don't even think about 'em. Walk on good buddy, see you next time!!!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh shoot, somehow I thought I'd visited earlier but clearly didn't; sorry to hear it's been rough!

I hope it's getting a bit better, and yeah... when the going gets tough the tough go walking!

Brenda YOGA said...

Just a note to see if this works! You might enjoy checking out 1healthierHeather on u tube. I stumbled on it and really enjoyed what she had to say. She went from 293 to 126 in about 2 years. 1st 6 mos. on her on, then followed Weight Watchers on her own.
One of her titles is: what it looks like
Thought you might enjoy her.