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Sunday, February 17, 2013


That is the noise a spring makes when it springs....SPROING! Sorry...Silly Sally seems to be typing a bit, here today.
I know I have not been writing much. I totally missed last week. We've had a minor upheaval here that took up all of my available brain cells. It is all good though! We went to an open house at a charter school in our area and liked what we saw. That was last Thursday. Monday was our son's last day at the public middle school he's been attending. Tuesday was his first day at the new school. Talk about changes! Our son handled this all very well...better than expected actually! It was more nervewracking for "The Mom" who worries too much.

I still don't handle worry and stress very well. In the past I have started smoking sometimes, when under stress. I've wanted to spend days under the covers and not getting up to face the day. The wine in the cupboard gets used a bit more than it should.

This last time it was the wine. That adds up to several hundred extra calories in the course of a week, so I am up in weight again. I know better. Wine is all gone now. Even though you get a price break for buying a case at a time I don't think I will be doing that again. At least not until Christmas!

In my defense (or trying to rationalize my sins) I recently discovered a wine that I had only been able to get back in California, was available here. I bought some before Christmas and have enjoyed it a bit too often since then. So, like any 'treat' that is too tempting, I will only buy some wine every so often and never by the case. It may be cheaper in the pocketbook to buy it by the case, but it is way too expensive on my hips that way!

You might say I should have the willpower to not imbibe. That is your problem. I deal with my issues my way. Not having easy access to a treat or wine or smokes or chocolate IS my way of dealing with temptations. It works pretty good for me.

In other news:

  • The Fat2Fitradio.com podcasts have started up again! It is like having an old friend back too. See a link to that website to the left of this blog.
  • I have been enjoying a few new web sights too. One of them has some great ideas for foods. It is all based on healthy eating and is called Green Lite Bites. I tried a recipe for butternut squash pizza! YUM! She has a lot of great ideas for packing lunches too.
  • Did you know that there are only a few calories difference between a ground chicken patty and a lean ground beef patty? Yup, that is right! We buy the 97% extra lean ground beef and regular ground chicken. The difference, depending on where you count your calories at, was within ten calories. In some cases the beef was listed as having fewer calories! 
  • I made some banana bread with yogurt and applesauce instead of oil. It turned out good too! I find the cakes are spongier, but it is worth it to have the treat without quite so many calories, once in a while.
  • I had salmon tonight. The guys had those oven cooked fish fillets with beer batter breaded crust and box mix mac n cheese. Do you know there are more ingredients listed in the SALMON than in the mac and cheese??? No more boxed salmon. Fresh from the meat department, hopefully the fish will be not only the main but also the ONLY ingredient.
I am still walking and doing yoga a few days a week. I want to get back to weight training soon. 

That's all the latest from my house. What's new with you?


Crabby McSlacker said...

Shoot, I got a blogger error and not sure if my previous comment made it or not. Sigh.

But rather than duplicate, I'll just say congrats for figuring out how to limit temptation and for keeping up with the exercise!

Cynthia said...

Hi Sherri!
Good to have you back. I've been under the radar for a while also. I have been very productive and getting lots done, which means less time for the interwebs. Weight-wise, though, I have been going through a bit of a slump and have pretty much just maintained since the beginning of November. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to have that (especially over the holidays) but I have plenty of days when I am simply dismayed at the level of effort it takes (and will likely always take) to maintain this weight, which is still higher than I'd like. Some days I'm not sure I can forge on every day for the rest of my life putting forth this kind of effort just to be a "normal" weight. It makes it doubly tough to look around at family and friends who maintain a normal weight without the kind of effort I am putting in. Very frustrating and demoralizing to know I will never be able to just "live my life" the way they do and that I will have to devote considerable daily attention to this struggle. On good days I know I have to keep on, because the alternative is unacceptable. Even though I am unhappy and stressed with the effort needed to control my eating and exercise, I know I was also very unhappy and stressed when I was fat. So it really comes down to being a healthy person who is occasionally unhappy and stressed or being an unhealthy person who is occasionally unhappy and stressed. I had hoped for more, but it seems so much of life is learning to live with disappointment and disillusionment without giving up completely. I simply have to learn to be comfortable living this way, which means giving up my pre-conceived notions of what it would mean to be thin.

Sorry for the angst! I didn't intend to write a treatise on disillusionment, but I know you "get it". Thanks for listening!

Sherri D said...

I DO get it Cynthia. hugs