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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

And they call it "The Streak"!

I admit it...I am a streaker! When I started changing my life around, I was adamant that FAT was very bad and was making me fat. I cut back everywhere on fatty foods. The less fat the better...in EVERYTHING! I was on a zero tolerance, no fat streak.

I then went on a tangent of having oatmeal every morning. Without fail, I HAD to have oatmeal.

I had a streak of Greek yogurt eating. I often had four or five servings a day!

There was the chicken salad for lunch streak that turned in to baked chicken with spinach salad for every lunch streak.

Right now I am eating eggs a lot. I love them poached on an English muffin with a piece of Canadian bacon. I have two eggs, one each on a half muffin, for breakfast. Yum!

There was the walking over ten miles a week streak, and the swim in the pool five days a week streak. That was followed by shopping every day at the thrift store streak. Shopping became my exercise of choice for a while.

I seem to go in streaks all over the place!

 The trail is beautiful this time of year.

 Ziva is always ready to go farther.

 I noticed this interesting piece of wood buried in the trail bed.

 Early morning sun makes the trail almost look magical.

 This could be a weed, but it still stuck out and begged to be noticed.

 Long tall morning shadows are interesting too.

 Walk-on dear readers!
 But with clothes on please...we don't do that type of streaking!


Sherri D said...

Oh gag me with a spoon, there is a cigarette butt in the photo with the wood imbedded in the trail rocks. ICK!!! and yes, I am smoking again. BAD me! I feel like such a failure! (groannnnnnnn) But I WILL quit again soon. Like within a week. I will...dagnabit

For the record, I NEVER leave my butts out in the cold...never. teehee

Crabby McSlacker said...

Lovely walk photos, and didn't notice the butt.


Good luck on quitting smoking! Know that's one of the toughest things to tackle but I don't know anyone who's regretted it. Um, after a few months. But at the beginning? Er, I hear it sucks. So good on you for tackling the challenge!