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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Shoes and Pet Peeves

Where do I start? I have a bunch of little things on my brain tonight. My weight is staying the same. I was able to get out on the trails twice this week so far! Oh my it felt good to get back but I am soooooo tired!!! I knew I would lose some muscle toning. I was still taken aback at how much in such a short period of time! So I am back on the trails again and my new shoes will be with me for the next couple hundred miles:
These are Asics and I just love their wild colors!
This past Sunday I had fun by taking a class that was an intro to belly dancing! Imagine this overweight (almost old) lady in a room with five or six young chickie-babes! Guess who showed her belly in class? It wasn't the chicks. hahahaha! What a workout it was though. It was two and a half hours of movement and movement in ways I hadn't thought of doing before! I have renewed respect for the art of belly dancing. I look forward to seeing some dancers at the next renfaire I go to!

One pet peeve I have about belly dancers is those that are obese and dance. Now I DO applaud them for going out and learning the craft. But I am a prude. I do not like seeing REALLY obese women doing belly dancing in public. It is a turnoff to me. I think belly dancing is exotic. I have no doubt that obese women are perfectly capable of doing beautiful dancing. I just think there is such a prejudice out there against the obese, that people won't be able to see the beauty for the fat. It embarrasses me.

If you ever want to waste time, go look at the photos that are taken of people in Walmart on a site that shows some of the worst customers you would ever see in public. Why do fat and obese people dress so horribly? I know I did not dress well when I was obese, but at least I had clean clothes on and covered up most of my rolls of fat. I wore sweatpants in public but not short shorts with my cheeks hanging out. I wore a shirt that covered my bra both in front and in back. My belly is not exposed. My butt is covered. Why do people go out in public looking so horrendous???

Here is another peeve of mine. Have you ever watched Extreme Makeover? It is one of those 'fat-to-thin-in-record-time' type of shows. One person is followed for a year. They are coached and helped along the way with a trainer. Of course there has to be as much drama in each show as they can make up to keep people watching. My peeve with this show happens on a lot of these 'let's make the fat person suffer while losing weight and maybe they can throw up in the process' shows. They push the person on the first day, by exercising them really really hard. This past Sunday the woman, who they were working with, was being pushed and pushed. She was straining and struggling and sweating up a storm. She had longer hair. WHY didn't they let her put her hair in a ponytail? No, they let it hang and get wringing wet and stringy. 

It drives me nuts to have strands of stray hair in my face. I cannot workout with hair in my eyes. It was really bugging me to watch that woman suffer so much in the first place and then to have her not be able to have her hair up and pulled away from her face. Geesh!

Okay, I have ranted and raved about trivial stuff. I won't go into how that woman was saying she was so old and doing all this exercising and life changing stuff. Piffle. She was in her mid forties. She's just a youngster! Peeves are unique to oneself. We are all allowed to have them! This is my blog. I shall have my peeves and cake if I want to. So there!

FOODIE IDEA: Speaking of cake...if you don't mind fat free, sugar free pudding mix, get some cheesecake flavored mix. Take your fat-free or low-fat plain yogurt of choice and add a teaspoon of pudding mix to about a cup of the yogurt. Stir. It tastes so good! I add a little fresh lemon zest to mine. Ultra decadent! I have experimented with chocolate, vanilla, and banana flavors. I did not care for them as much. I think it is because the yogurt is tart and lends itself to the cheesecake basic flavor. I've added strawberries to it and it just took it to another level. Anyway, give it a try. You can add more than a teaspoon to adjust the flavor level too.

The weather has turned and I can feel my body coming back to life! I am looking forward to walking the trails and roads more and getting back into a better routine for myself and my body.

That's it for today! Till next time, Walk On!!!

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