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Saturday, May 19, 2012


What? What happened to Walker Lady??? Why is she so angry??? Well, there are several reasons all rambling around in my brain tonight. I am tired of having to learn all I am learning about foods and ingredients and why things are done to the foods we eat, and MORE.

I should be able to just go out and get safe, healthy foods that are convenient and easy to fix, but I can't. At first I had to look for total calories and per serving sizes. Do you know that one of those little bags of nuts at the checkout counter often has TWO or MORE servings in them?

Then I had to figure out the fatty ingredients. Were they good fats or bad fats? Which fats ARE the bad fats? I forgot. How much is too much fat? And if the fats were low, what was added to make the food taste right?

Now there is a new movement afoot, that is attacking sugars. They are saying all forms of added sugars are responsible for many things such as obesity, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and more. The evidence is piling up in their favor....according to THEIR studies, of course.

When the battle started against fats, the evidence those people had was compelling too. So who the heck do we believe? What do we do now?

I am tired of the food industry skewing the ingredients and the ingredient lists so I feel like I need a degree in nutrition to understand what they are really doing to what they call, food.

I am tired of thinking our government officials are in cahoots with the food industries. Was the reason fats became the enemy of the 70's because they didn't have lobbyists like the sugar growers did? The sugar growers had a lot to lose and I am sure they talked to their congressmen and representatives about this. It makes sense that, that would have happened.

I am so tired of the newest - latest - greatest - best - all being - things that come out over and over again, seemingly changing directions with the wind. Is fat the culprit? Is it sugar? Is coffee good or bad? Is soy good or bad? Should I cut carbs? Should I cut fats? Should I eat more protein? Should I eat a raw diet? Will non-organic foods flood my system with pesticides and growth hormones? Should I eat like a caveman...er...cavewoman?
If I follow this person's guidelines, will I later find out they were just out to make a buck at the expense of the fat amongst us? If I follow that person's guidelines, will I later find out they were in the process of writing a book and needed more publicity?

What's better what's worse?????????????????????????

I gotta know! People are starting to follow my lead. They believe in ME! I don't want to be led astray, and more so, I don't want to lead others down the wrong path.

So yes, Walker Lady is mad.
(not loony though) She only wants to eat healthy and enjoy life. Is that so much to ask?
I think I will go for a walk now. Join me? Last I heard, walking was still a good thing. Of course I don't know if the currently recommended number of minutes is supposed to be 10, 20, 30, 60, or if walking actually made no difference any more. I don't care. I LIKE it! And THAT is what counts.


Anonymous said...

Have you read Michael Pollan's book In Defense of Food? He says "eat food, not very much, mostly plants". He does say if you need a dictionary to look up an ingredient in "food", then it's not food but a food product. Some of the reviews at Amazon give more advice from the book.

Sherri D said...

I have read his book and like a lot of what he says. With the folks that I teach though, sometimes they will ask about what they've heard as the newest-latest-greatest thing out there. I try to figure out if it has merit or is more hype. This sugar thing is really trying to take off right now, as the next evil in the war against obesity.
I also was ranting about all the things that DO come out that are more just people trying to make a buck off the fluffy amongst us.
Thanks for posting Cindy!