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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why is it?

I really would like to know how our bodies can gain five pounds in 48 hours and then take 48 days to lose those same pounds? I expect I will find I have gained five pounds from the Thanksgiving feast. Even though I didn't eat half a pie with real whip cream, I did drink wine and I did have some dressing. Is that all it takes?

Here is a partial list of what I indulged in, over a 48 hr period:
  • wine - 1000 calories
  • pie - 400 calories
  • dressing - 300 calories
  • turkey - 200 calories
  • smoked oysters - 240
  • pickled herring - 300
  • crackers - 300
That adds up to 2740 calories over two days. The other foods eaten were things like my oatmeal and fruit breakfasts, the veggie tray, fat free/sugar free jello salad, a half a cup of mashed potatoes, cranberry relish, coffee, and other usual food consumptions. I must have amnesia or something. I have to be forgetting some foods!My normal intake for two days would be between 3000 and 4000 calories. If I add 4000 calories and 2740 calories and then divide that in half I get 3370 calories per day or just a little under 1400 calories over what I would normally eat. Even using those numbers, how can that add up to a five pound gain?

I won't really know until I go weigh in this morning, on the 'official' scale. Maybe my scale at home needs a new battery? But...if I HAVE gained that much, I really want to know why! It just doesn't make sense!!! Watch for my update to this posting, later today if you want to see what the results of today's weigh-in was!

I did gain...about three pounds. Unless you look at the actual weight that was recorded two weeks ago. According to that, I only gained two pounds. Blah! There is a silver lining to this. No one was there today, so I have a whole week before I weigh in again! hahahaha!

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