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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Catch as Catch Can

I have SO much to say and I keep putting off writing in this blog! That only made things worse, so here goes, pimples and all!

SMOKING: I think I have that kicked again. I was smoking for about ten days and it has been almost a week now, since I quit...again! I plan to not start next time until I am 75.

WEIGH IN: A shocking 4.5 pound loss! I keep thinking the scale has to be broken. I've been limping along with one pound (or less) gains and losses for weeks now. I hope the new exercise program is what is kicking off the pounds! The food is staying the same.

VIRTUAL 5K: Yes, that button on the right says I have entered "Trick or Treat Trot - Virtual 5K" over on sparkpeople.com. I am becoming a convert to their website. It has more than I need and I only have to take what I want from their site, to use to my advantage.
Not long ago I read a book about a lady who ran her first 5K. I have seen stories on TV about how people who started to take care of themselves and exercised, often ended up challenging themselves to a race. This one is perfect because I can run it alone. Correction: run/walk, not run. And I am not sure about the running part of it either.

DOCTOR: Annual checkup is right after Labor Day. I wonder what the doctor will say about the changes in my life? I also plan to ask him about my knee. I don't want to blow it out and get laid up! It is twinging, but it doesn't last long. Best to ask this doctor, who has seen x-rays of this same knee. I want his opinion about me continuing the running part of my exercises.

EXERCISES: I am trying to do Yoga (one hour) and 5K training on the treadmill for 30 minutes, on Mondays. Tuesday is 60 minutes of pool aerobics. Wednesday repeats Monday with Yoga and treadmill. Thursday is pool aerobics. Friday is weight machines, treadmill and maybe a little pool stretching. Saturday is pool. Sunday is a wild card day. I either walk in the neighborhood, or go to the pool for an hour, or take the day off. I am also walking to get my son at school each day. That adds about 20 minutes of walking.

I guess I am a bit over my 60 minute a day regime, huh? I actually might be pushing myself a bit too much though. I don't know yet. I currently, worry about two things. One is getting hurt. The other is...what do I do when I reach goal weight? Assuming I actually DO reach goal weight, what then? How will my lifestyle be then? The possible end IS in sight and I wonder...what will it be like?

How DO skinny people live? Do they eat nothing? Do they ever exercise? Why does it seem they can eat tons of food and not gain an ounce and I catch a whiff of cheesecake and gain ten pounds? These are the mysteries of life I guess.

I hope to have a few book reviews soon. I just needed to get some of this other stuff out of my head. It is crowded enough in there!

See ya next time!

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