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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I figure that if I learn something that I didn't know, there may be others who don't know either! That is why I am writing this entry today.

What I recently read about was in regards to ingredient labels on various foods. Most of us know that the manufacturers list the foods in order of most to least. If a food is mostly water, water is listed first. If a food is mostly say...peas, then peas would be listed first.

Here's the kicker though...(unless this has changed and I didn't catch it)....say you are reading a food label and you see fructose listed as the tenth ingredient. This seems pretty good, right? The sweetener is way down there. Let's say the 12th ingredient is molasses. Cool, right? The sugars are way down the list of ingredients. This must be a good food, right?

Wrong!!! Because the manufacturer does not have to list all sugars together, they can use several different types of sugars to make it seem like smaller amounts, therefore they are way down on the lists. IF they had to list ALL sugars as one group, you would find sugars/sweeteners, a lot higher up on the list of ingredients.

I hate reading labels. I hate that the manufacturers do this. I totally understand why they do though! Let's hope this changes in the future and if we can, help that change to go through!

Meanwhile, keep reading those labels!!!

I have spent most of the summer at the local swimming pool with my ten year old son. I always put in an hour of mild aerobics and had been going about five times a week for an hour each time. I never feel like it is a hard workout, but it is more than I ever used to do!

Next week my boy goes back to school and I am free to go back to the gym to exercise. (I am lucky and have a local Sr. Center that has a full gym and pool and is VERY affordable) I know there will be a major difference in the intensity of my workouts!

Here in central Arkansas, it has been a blistering hot summer with temps over 100° for most of June and July. Temps have been in the high eighties and humid, even in the early mornings until today. I saw 70° on the thermometer and headed out. I haven't walked outside since about May!!! I dodged some rare rain showers and did a walk of 1.7 miles! I was pleased to see that all the pool work wasn't too soft on my body and that I even RAN for one minute! ME!!! I don't run! Of course I don't wear shorts either. hahaha

I am now just starting to fit into sizes 18-20 after starting out in sizes 26-28. It feels SO good to fit into smaller clothes again!!! I am glad I saved my most favorite 'skinny' clothes, like the bell bottoms from my wedding! I should be wearing them on a regular basis, this fall!

It has been super hard to let go of the 'fat' clothes though! I never have let them go in the past because I figured I would fail and would need them again. I am taking away that excuse this time. :D

I was able to sell a few clothes but most of the time I have been donating them. I wish some could be donated to me! (a friend did just give me a couple things, a few days ago...most were still too small, but at least I have something to look forward to!) I don't buy a lot of clothing right now and haven't bought anything new, other than unmentionables and a swimsuit for aerobics water classes.

I plan to reward myself with something extra special, clothing-wise, when I reach my goal weight. You won't find it at Wal-K-Targ stores either! lolol

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